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Software Research and Education: Meet the Sims
Susan Gerhart, Paul Hriljac
Workshop on New Visions for Software Design and Productivity: Research and Applications
Dec. 13-14,2001 Nashville, Tennessee.

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Buffer Overflow

Explaining the Buffer Overflow Problem: Instructional Design and Evaluation in Information Security Education
Susan L. Gerhart, Jan G. Hogle, Jedidiah R. Crandall

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Driving Home the Buffer Overflow Problem: A Training Module for Programmers and Managers
Jedidiah R. Crandall, Susan L. Gerhart, Jan G. Hogle

Presented at National Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education
NCISSE 2002 Conference, June 2002, Seattle, Washington

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Paper summarized in IEEE Learning Technology newsletter, Vol. 4, January 2002:

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